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    Welcome To Ms. Marquez's Second Grade Class!
    Welcome to Ms. Marquez's 2nd grade class. We are so excited to have this opportunity to share with you our daily adventures in learning and fun. Step inside and explore your child's home away from home; a place that offers each and every child an invitation to learn; a place where students feel free to take risks without being made fun of; an environment that proves to be (most times) more enticing than a playground. Once you enter, you instantly feel the love for learning and the desire to achieve. We are a strong family of Awesome Achievers. So take the 2nd grade adventure with us and enjoy. We all know that learning is a requirement, but who says
    learning can't be fun?

    We dress like Super Heros after writing about life as a famous super hero!

    We battle with swords before attacking a word problem!


    We celebrate birthdays by doing the limbo!

    hula spell

    Students race to spell a word while hula-hooping.    


    We enjoyed reading Stephanie's Ponytail.          
    since we had to come to school on the day after it snowed, we decided to have a little bit of fun -WE DECIDED TO DANCE!!!!