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    Bonjour,  Welcome to SHS and le monde francophone! I will be teaching French  II, III, and IV this year in room 110. I would like to introduce myself. I have been teaching for 24 years. I have worked at SHS since 1997. I have a B.A. in International Affairs, a M.Ed. in Broadfield Social Sciences, and a Specialist Degree in the Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages. I have studied abroad in France during the summers as well as organized many student trips. Two summers ago, I received a scholarship from the French government to study in Besancon France. It was a wonderful experience!
    Thank you for choosing French as your language of choice. French like English is a global language and is spoken in over 35 countries around the world.  Students looking for careers in fashion, technology, diplomacy, governmental agencies, the Red Cross, the World Bank, the IOC , tourism and  many other world wide companies need to know French as a second language. Canada is our largest trading partner. It is truly the only other global language.

    Use of English vs. French in the French classroom

    Our primary language for oral and written communication will be French - the

    reason you are studying French!


    The amount of time outside of class that a student requires to succeed in French II

    varies from individual to individual. A reasonable expectation is that students

    spend 15-30 minutes outside of class per day doing homework and reviewing.

    Shorter daily study sessions are much more conducive to language acquisition

    than one or two longer periods during the week. Class time and study time

    outside of class allow you to practice and refine the skills that you need for

    successful assessments.


    Expectations: Students must be in their seats when the bell rings. CELL PHONES ARE NOT TO BE IN USE OR IN SIGHT DURING CLASS UNLESS A SPECIFIC ACTIVY IS REQUIRED. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO SURRENDER YOUR CELL PHONE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE CLASS IF YOU VIOLATE THIS RULE. Students should have all necessary materials every day in class. Students are expected to follow school and class rules at all times. Students are not allowed to eat in class.


    Tardy Policy:

    1st time: Warning

    2nd time: Detention

    3rd time: Detention

    4th time: ISS


    Students will need daily access to technology in and out of class. Each student is required to make an account on Quia and Schoology. Accounts must be created by August 8.  Students should expect weekly activities using both websites. Students will receive specific instructions the first week of school for creating the accounts.



    Supplies Needed for French II ( Honors and Regular)

    Pencils or pens

    Notebook paper

    Laptop/IPhone/computer-(we will have a computer cart)

     Ear buds

     Three-ring binder (1-1½ inch) with inside cover pockets

     Divider tabs (optional)

    1 spiral-bound notebook (to be kept in classroom)

     French/English dictionary (option to be kept in classroom)

    Thank you,
    Pamela Brown
Last Modified on August 1, 2014