Transcripts are available in the Counseling Office for a fee of $2. A transcript consists of the student's cumulative grades. Students are responsible for mailing applications, officially sealed transcripts, and all supporting materials to post-secondary destinations. This procedure enables students and parents to have the control of when and where transcripts are sent.


    Copies of a student’s educational record may be transferred to officials of other schools or school systems in which the student seeks to enroll. Unless parents express, at the time of enrollment in Henry County Schools, a need for additional notice of the transfer of student records, the records transfer to the enrolling school or school system will occur without further notice.

    Effective July 1, 1997, Georgia Law requires:

    Students in sixth grade or higher transferring to a new school will be required to provide academic and disciplinary transcripts to school officials. Students will be required to disclose conviction of designated felony acts, whether they currently are serving a suspension or expulsion from another school, the reason for such discipline, and the term of the discipline. Schools can refuse to admit students under disciplinary action from other school systems. In lieu of compliance, a student may be admitted on a conditional basis if he or she and his or her parent or legal guardian execute a document providing the name and address of the school last attended authorizing the release of all academic and disciplinary records to the school administration. Every school system in the state will be obligated to provide complete information to a requesting school within ten (10) days of receipt of request.

    Please see the Registrar for assistance.

Last Modified on December 5, 2019