The following information is necessary in order to ease and expedite the registration process. Once the information below has been gathered please call 770-474-8747 to schedule an appointment for registration.


    Proof of Residency- must include a housing/rental agreement AND utility bill (gas, electric, water, telephone or cable). Must be in the parent/guardians name and address and must be current.

    Birth Certificate.

    Social Security Card.

    Withdrawal forms from the child’s prior school.

    Academic Transcript from prior school.

    Disciplinary Record from prior school.

    Record of Immunizations. Must be current and on Georgia Form 3231. If coming from out of the state of Georgia these records must be transferred onto a Georgia form, which may be done at the Henry County Health Department. Please call 770-389-7887 for directions and hour of operation.

    Eye, Ear and Dental form. Georgia Form 3300. Can usually be obtained from prior school. If coming from out of state, please see your physician or the Henry County Health Department.

    Guardianship papers. If you are not the natural parent of the child, you must obtain guardianship papers from Henry County Probate Court prior to enrollment. Please call 770-954-2308 for an appointment and directions.

    Custody Agreement, if appropriate. If you are divorced, you must provide documentation that you have primary physical custody of your child. This will need to be provided prior to enrollment.

    Please call 770-474-8747 for an appointment once necessary paperwork has been gathered.

Last Modified on May 6, 2008