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    Office Hours- 7:45 AM to 3:40 PM
    Counseling Office Fax: 770.474.1697
    Learn about us! Check out our SHS Virtual Orientation Videos below!
    Introductory video about the SHS counseling office, our staff, how to access us, where we are located, what issues/topics we can asssit with, how we handle student records and a snapshot of the activities we will facilitate with our students each year.
    Video link that addresses social emotional learning, intervention/prevention program, counseling/mental health referrals, child safety and welfare reporting, college lunch-time visits and information on our School Social Worker and College Advisor
    Video link that addresses communication with your counselors, yearly large group advisement activities, how to access your transcript, ASVAB testing, PSAT testing, Interest Inventory assessmets and mandated Ga BRIDGE Bill advisement tasks.
    Video link to cover important information about individual advisement meetings, planning course requests for the next year, the importance of  transcripts, what colleges look for, how to recover credits, social emotional support/counselor advocacy, peer mediation, and our "No Place for Hate" designation.
    The mission of Stockbridge High School Counseling Department is to help students succeed. We recognize that each student has the fundamental right of equal access to the knowledge and skill required to function successfully in a global society. Therefore, we designed a comprehensive counseling program that addresses, not only the academic needs of our students, but also environmental conditions such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and child abuse/neglect that affect a student’s ability to learn. SHS Counseling Department focuses on the needs of the whole student by recognizing and responding to the social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral challenges facing students and families. Students will have the opportunity to acquire educational and social competencies necessary for growth toward lifelong success in becoming productive citizens.
    Stockbridge High School Community Believes


    * All students can learn. 

    * Educational experiences must address each student’s cultural, social, emotional, physical and academic needs. 

    * Students learn best in an environment that is safe, stimulating and challenging. 

    * All stakeholders (faculty, staff, students and community) should be involved in establishing the direction of the school. 

    * Well-planned and focused academic activities that rely on active student engagement are the responsibility of school staff. 

    * Parents are important partners in assuring success for all students because their positive contributions result in greater student achievement. 

    * We must strive to provide opportunities that lead to competency in technology. 

    * Students will be held accountable for demonstrating appropriate behavior, mutual respect for others, positive contributions to the culture of the school and academic achievement. 

    * Students learn best when educational activities are connected to real world experience. 

Last Modified on August 23, 2021