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    Mrs. Valerie Brown



    Subjects Taught:

    Spanish I, Spanish II


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    Welcome Message:

    My name is Valerie Brown and I am very excited about this school year!  I have hade a passion for teaching Spanish for several years.  I have taught  for 26 years and have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish.  I also have a Master's degree in secondary education.   It is a pleasure and honor to be an educator and we  are going to learn a lot together  this year.  We will focus on becoming proficient in reading, listening, writing and speaking in levels 1 and 2.  I feel it is extremely important to learn another language and I am here to help you begin (or continue) your journey!


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Period 1- rwyz5ve

    Period 3- iw24avi

    Period 4- e4wbb55

    Period 5- lmzqml5

    Period 7- zamkb5w

    Period 8- wig3idm

    E-Textbook: vocesdigital.com

    Class ID- VOCESU92555

    User ID- Your lunch number




    Spanish 1 Code:  vhn6529

    Spanish 2 Coede:  ckm6599


    The best and quickest way to contact me is by my school email address.  Please allow me 24 hours to reply.