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      Email Address: mmarks@henry.k12.ga.us   
      Subjects taught: World Literature & American Literature 

      Co-Sponsor: Junior Student Government (SGA),  Lady Pearls  

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    It is a pleasure to continue to serve as an educator for over 26 years . Of those years , i have taught in Jamaica, Florida and Georgia. This school year makes it my 14th year here at Luella High and i look forward to serving the students as well as the community for the 2018-2019 school year. 

    All Lesson Plans and Resources can be found on:

     Google Classroom:-

    Students can access their resources and classroom activities and more resource detail on Google Classroom. They will be able to access google classroom by using their school assigned Gmail, their school username and password. An enrollment code will be given to students to "join the class "during the first two weeks of school.

    Additional resources can be found on Blackboard , go to the School`s Homepage. Under "Site Shortcuts" click on the link (Blackboard Learn ) .

    Blackboard Login information:

    Username: Student # 

    Password: First initial, first name + first initial , last name + six digit birthday + #

    The best and quickest way to contact me is by my school email. Please allow me 24 hours to reply .

    World Literarture 10th Grade 
    Link to Full Syllabus    https://tinyurl.com/yd842m6s
     American Literature 11th Grade
    Link to Full Syllabus  https://tinyurl.com/ybhmnalb