• Attendance Procedures
    When a student is absent he/she will need to bring in documentation for their absence the day the student returns back to school.

    The student will need to have the following info on their excuse:
    • Full name
    • Student Number

    The student will place the note in the attendance office in the basket that is supplied for all day absences. Students have all day upon their return to place their notes in the basket. If the excused is approved, the Attendance office will change their absence from unexcused to excused for that day. If the student does not bring documentation back the absence will remain unexcused.
    Checking Out of School

    Students who check out must provide a note with a phone number so we may contact parent(s) and confirm the student's check out. Upon returning back to school from check out, students must provide documentation for their check out to be changed to excused.
    Checking Into School

    If a student is checking into school, he/she must have documentation or the parent must accompany them when entering school. If a student does not have either, they will be unexcused and receive a referral upon their check in.

    Student Handbook

    Any questions regarding attendance can be found in the Henry County Student & Parent Handbook. If you have any questions you can call and we will be glad to help you.
    Infinite Campus

    We are very excited about sharing Infinite Campus with you and know that it will be easy and very accessible for you.  Parents can check on a student's daily attendance through Infinite Campus.  Parents will need a login to be able to access attendance, grades, and other information. To receive your login information, call the front office and ask the secretary for instructions to gain access to the Infinite Campus parent portal.