Teachers new to Henry County report in late July to take part in a special introduction to the school system and community. Through this program, new teachers are given the opportunity to meet Board members, administrators, fellow teachers and community members. The week's schedule of activities includes presentations by system's curriculum specialists, a dynamic keynote speaker, and a welcome luncheon sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce's Education Committee.

    Follow-up meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the year at each local school to address topics specific to the school and/or that are not covered in the TIP program.  The new teachers also work closely with mentor teachers who help them organize materials and their classrooms.




    • To develop an understanding of the beliefs and values of Henry County Schools and the school community
    • To assist new teachers in the development of a sense of belonging and commitment
    • To familiarize incoming teachers with district systems/programs, learning standards, curriculum and instructional expectations
    • To provide teachers new to the district with essential tools and resources to ensure a successful first year teaching with rigor, relevance and relationships in Henry County Schools



    Wednesday, July 17th- Friday, July 19th

    Monday, July 22nd - Tuesday, July 23rd



    (beginning in the commons area for a light breakfast)


    Henry County High/Academy for Advanced Studies