Congratulations to the
    2011-2012 Reading Bowl members!
    Tyler Kearney- team captain
    Rebecca Bruce
    LaKenya Boykin
    Jessica Titshaw
    Wesley Sparks
    Tayla Leonard
    Audrey Thompson
    Alizea Farquharson
    * Each of you need to check the list for which books you are the experts of & write/turn in a set of questions for each book. You also need to create a "flow chart" about the main details in the book.
    History of the 
    Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl
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    Several Years ago Mrs. Helen Ruffin was the library media specialist at Sky Haven Elementary School in DeKalb County, Georgia. In 1985, she served on the selection committee for the Georgia Children’s Book Award nominee program. This literature program inspired her to use the nominee books to encourage her students to read.

    Mrs. Ruffin created a unique reading competition in game format using the award nominees. It was called the Reading Bowl. Her vision was to have teams comprised of students from different schools compete to test their knowledge of the selected books. She shared this vision with her colleagues. They embraced her idea and pressed forward.
    Today, the Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is open to students in grades four through twelve across the state.
     * All above information was taken from the Official HRRB Site
    What is Reading Bowl?
    What is Reading Bowl?
    Think of it as Academic Team, only all of the questions come from the GA Peach Award Books. Each school team competes against the teams at other high schools at the competitions.
    Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
    Beautiful Creatures
    by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
    Birthmarked by Cragh O'Brien
    Black Hole Sun by David McGinnis Gill
    Bruiser by Neal Shusterman
    Dirty Little Secrets by C J Omoloplu
    Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
    Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John
    Food, Girls, & Other Things I Can't
    Have by Allen Zadoff
    God is in the Pancakes
    by Robin Epstein
    Hate List by Jennifer Brown
    Jane by April Lindner
    Lockdown: Escape From Furnace
              by Alexander Gordon Smith
    Maze Runner by James Dashner
    Morgue & Me by John Ford
    Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
    Shift by Jennifer Bradbury
    Shipbreaker by Paolo Bacigalupi 
    Split by Swati Avasthi
    The Things a Brother Knows
     by Dana Reinhardt
    Rules, Guidelines, Requirements
    How much time will be required of me to participate?
    *Time to read: Each participant will read 6 of the 20 Peach Award books. Also, as you read, you will be asked to make up 20 questions about the book & include the answer along with the page number where the answer can be found. This should be completed by the Dec 12 practice
    *Time to practice: Like all teams, we need to practice. See the attached practice schedule.                 
    *Time to compete: Jan 28, Feb 4,
                        Feb 25, March 17
        * only the top 2 teams from each age group move to the next level
      Does it cost money to participate?
    No. The registration fee is covered by the media center. The books are also provided by the media center.  (You may choose to purchase copies of your selections for your convenience, but it is not required.)
      How does the Reading Bowl “work”?
    * Each participating school has a team of up to 10 members.
    * 5 players from each team compete in any given round, answering questions about the 20 Peach Award books. Players may alternate in & out between rounds.
    * 10 points are given for the first person to buzz in with the correct answer.
    * The 2 teams with the most points at the end of the competition advance to the next level.
    Point system for team selection
    If more than 8 people want to participate, how will the team be chosen?
    We will use a point system to determine not only the 8 team members, but to also choose a captain.
    Points will be awarded as follows:
    Attending practice = 1 point
    Reading book/turning in questions =
            2 points ea. book/questions
    Each correct answer at practice =
             1 point per answer
       *The team captain will be the member with the most
           points by the last Dec practice.  This will be the
          only permanent player.  All others will rotate in
          & out between rounds.
    Schedule of Practices & Events
    Thursday October 13 3:45 Practice
    Monday October 17 3:45 Practice
     Thursday October 27 3:45 Practice
     Monday October 31 3:45 Practice
    Thursday November 10 3:45 Practice
    Monday November 14 3:45 Practice
     Thursday December 1 3:45 Practice
    Thursday December 8 3:45 Practice
    Monday December 12 Final team named
    Thursday January 5 3:45 Practice
    Monday January 9 3:45 Practice
    Thursday January 19 3:45 Practice
    Monday January 23 3:45 Practice
    TuesdayJanuary 24 3:45 Practice
    WednesdayJanuary 25 3:45 Practice
    Thursday January 26 3:45 Practice
    Friday January 27 3:45 Practice
    Saturday January 28 County Reading Bowl @ Woodland High School
    If we place in top 2 at county, practices will be announced
    Saturday February 4 Regional Reading Bowl @ Clayton State
    If we place in top 2 at regional, practices will be announced
    Saturday February 25 District Reading Bowl @ Location TBA
    If we place 1st at regional, practices will be announced
    Saturday March 17 State Reading Bowl @ UGA
    You can print this template for your questions. We also have copies in the media center.
    Fantastic site that gives tons of info on each story, along with booktalks, practice questions, etc.
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