• Woodland Elementary Clubs




    WES Maker Club

    Sponsors:  Ms. Solomon
    Eligibility: 4th & 5th Grade Students
    Maker Club will be working on projects related to programing robots to move, creating working circuits that light up and make noise, stop motion animation, take-aparts, and droid construction.  




    Running Club
    Sponsors:  Coach Youmans,  Ms. Orbann
    Eligibility: 4th & 5th Grade Students
    Purpose:   Provide students with an opportunity to run for their health.  Some students even participate in local 5k races throughout our county. 
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    Soccer Club

    Sponsor:  Mr. John Schettling
    Eligibility:  3rd, 4th & 5th grade students
    Purpose: Soccer is a very popular sports game.  While participating in this hobby, students will be able to build upon their knowledge and skills of the game.