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    The primary mission of the LHS Academic Team is to provide students who have a history of academic achievement an opportunity to test themselves and their knowledge base against students from other schools who have similar strengths and abilities - and to do so in an environment of friendly competition.  Team members are challenged to expand their knowledge base substantially beyond just the content covered in their classroom studies, with the goal being that, as they do so, they make themselves more "academically competitive" - both in the immediate, literal sense and in their future endeavors.

    Both challenges and rewards await those students who earn a spot on the LHS Academic Team.  The hard work of thorough preparation is completed in hopes of victory, but the benefits of academic growth and personal achievement are guaranteed to all those who devote themselves to the effort.  Students may earn their academic letter through participation with the Academic Team, but the team's most successful alumni have grasped the insight that the greatest value to be gained from participation lies in the experience, not simply in the end result.
    Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Kerry Vanderford | kerry.vanderford@henry.k12.ga.us
Last Modified on September 26, 2022