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    The LHS science program has built a stellar reputation for academic excellence, and we are proud to continue building on that reputation. From posting some of the top science standardized scores in the state to students who have placed as high as second in the world at the International Science Fair, the Luella High science program seeks to ensure success for each student- helping each student develop their maximum academic potential.
    All students must take 4 years of science as a graduation requirement-Biology and either Physics or Physical Science are both required courses.  Students completing a science course sequence at Luella High School graduate with academic skills developed through inquiry-based learning, experimentation, and analysis that satisfy State of Georgia graduation requirements to prepare each individual for post secondary success.  Like all other subjects at Luella High School, the science program offers unique personalized learning experiences- including a rotational model where students share different teachers, project-based learning, technology inclusive learning, and self-paced learning where students can complete classes early as able.
    The typical science sequence for students is:
    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, then an AP level class (certainly for honors track students)
    Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics (for students not quite as math strong)
    Biology, Physical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science (for math challenged students)
    Luella High science teachers believe that all students should be challenged and learn from mistakes. We believe that students thrive when properly challenged with rigor and provided opportunities to revise work based on teacher feedback. Students are expected to take advantage of Instructional Focus periods for tutoring, revision work, and enrichment opportunities. All science courses offer various types of lab experimentation, lab reports, data analysis, and project-based learning.
    In addition to the basic core science courses of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science, Luella High also offers electives Science courses:
    Environmental Science (for juniors and seniors)
    Earth Systems (for seniors, after Envirnmental Science)
    Forensics (for seniors, after Physics)
    Human Anatomy & Physiology (for seniors, after Chemistry, Physics, or Environmental Science)
    AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and AP Physics.
    Science Department Faculty:
    Click on a teacher's name to be redirected to their class web page.
    Kesha L. Williams | Department Chair