English Department

    The English/Language Arts Department offers an array of courses designed to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain their high school diploma as well as function effectively and successfully in their future educational and career endeavors.  Students must complete four years/units of English/Language Arts in order to meet the state of Georgia requirements for graduation. 
    The mission of Luella High School’s English Department is to collaboratively guide students to become independent as they
    • closely read and intently analyze complex texts from varied media,
    • purposefully conduct research in order to investigate rigorous and relevant topics,
    • passionately communicate their original ideas in writing and speech,
    • effectively collaborate with others to explore diverse perspectives, and
    • confidently develop and apply their understanding of language while reading and communicating.


     Course Offerings
    Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
    World Literature and Composition (10th Grade)
    American Literature and Composition (11th Grade)
    Advanced Composition (12th Grade)
    Advanced Placement English Language and Composition (11th Grade)
    Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition (12th Grade)

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    English Department Faculty
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    Lisa Boyd, Department Chair
    Amy Bull
    Samantha Curtis
    Kimberly Davis 
    Cara Funte
    Mark Hammontree
    Christopher Hightower
    Courtney Hood

    Maxine Marks
    Alex Schafer
    Shanelle Sewell

    Ashley Sims
    Lacey Noel Smith