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    Teacher Name: Patricia Branion
    Subjects: Early Childhood Education pathway: Early Childhood Education I, II, & III
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    Welcome to Early Childhood Education I, II, and III. I have been teaching for over 28 years. 
    9th-12th grade
    Early Childhood Education I: Addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors associated with supporting and promoting optimal growth and development of infants and children. ECE I is a prerequisite for ECE II and III.
    10th-12th grade
    Early Childhood Education II:  Early Childhood Education II is a prerequisite for ECE III. ECE II prepares the student for employment in early childhood education and services.
    During the second semester we open our preschool "Loving Paws Preschool" for ages 3-5 at the High School as soon as possible. Its a great opportunity that gives high school students hands on experience with young children.
    Open: Tuesday-Thursday from 8:15-11:50 (Preschool is closed until further notice, due to Covid 19)
    A few students will have internships at D.E.S. (postponed until further noticed.) They are responsible for their transportation. Rain or Shine students are to report to their internship, unless inclement weather prevents them from going. Students must check/report to me if there are any questions or concerns.
    11th-12th grade
    Early Childhood Education III
    Several students will assist in the preschool while others will have internships at D.E.S. (internship is postponed until further noticed, due to covid 19.
    Students are responsible for their transportation and are required to participate, rain or shine.
    Students are to wear appropriate attire. Please see the course syllabus.
    Tutoring: Thursday 3:20-4:00 (students must sign up prior to coming) I am available for tutoring during I.F and/or by appointment.
    Mrs. Branion