•  Welcome to Math team   
     Math Team advisor:   RAJESWARI NARASIMHAN 

    e-mail: rajeswari.narasimhan@henry.k12.ga.us


    The purpose of the Math Team is to enable students to solve critical thinking questions and also to win all the Math competitions.

    This is an extracurricular club and the membership is by the application. 

    We won Griffin Resa Math competition in 2013, we won Griffin Resa third place in 2014, and in 2017 we won Griffin Resa third place. We won the team award in level II in University of West Georgia Math competition in 2017 and also, one of the students Andi Bui won the scholarship for his score in University of West Georgia Math competition. 

    In 2018 district level competition my team students took extreme efforts to win the following awards.  

      1) Dagam Kong won the 4th place for an Individual achievement award

      2) Johnathan Nguyen won the third place for an Individual achievement award.

     3) In Henry County division we won the third place in the Junior Varsity team award.

     4) In Henry County division we won the third place in the Varsity team award. 


    Math team meets every Tuesday in room 403 from 3-30 to 4-30. Attendance is mandatory.Math team

    Students participate in state and national level competitions throughout the year. The competitions are mostly scheduled after school or on Saturdays.

     Griffin Resa Math competition will be in the month of January.

    The Luella HS Invitational is held annually in October at Luella High School.

    The students also enjoy attending the various events on Math Day, held at the University of West Georgia, in March.

    The Math Team has practice sessions before each competition and the attendance is mandatory.  

    Students can also check their math skills here.
    Thank you
    Rajeswari Narasimhan 
Last Modified on November 25, 2018