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    Media S. Daniels, Library Media Specialist
    Virtual Reading 2020 - 2021

    To help prevent the “slide” in reading comprehension, students are encouraged to read award-winning books, eBooks, and Audiobooks through Overdrive/Sora, easy to use apps. found on the Launchpad/ClassLinks page. 

    The more one reads, the more increase one will see in reading level and comprehension (McNamara, 2006).

    Read! The goal is for students to Read! 

    Books are categorized by Lexcile Level on Overdrive and accessed by using the Lexcile Levels link to find books on Lexcile reading levels.  Overdrive is provided by Henry County Schools.  All students have access to this resource.

    Read! Read! Read! 



    Read eBooks at Overdrive
    Access to Overdrive:

    To use OverDrive, students browse the secure website for a large number of eBook titles, borrow books, and enjoy reading on computers, tablets, smartphones, or eReader devices.  eBooks will automatically be checked back in after 14 days unless it is renewed by students before 14 days.

    Come READ with Us!

    #Dutchtown Readers - Book Club

    Fall 2020

    Meetings: Tuesdays 3:30pm - 4:15pm


    Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty.  It

    should be offered to them as a precious gift. —Kate DiCamillo


    Let’s all READ! 


    Parent Volunteers Welcome!


    ·       To volunteer in the library: contact at media.daniels@henry.k12.ga.us


    ·       Duties: Assist at the circulation desk; help students with documents and printing; general clerical duties



    Come READ with Us!

    #Dutchtown Readers - Book Club



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