Media S. Daniels, Library Media Specialist, Dutchtown High School

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year 


    Mission Statement

    To serve faculty, staff, and students at Dutchtown High School in this constantly transforming educational environment where digital sources and print sources are continually scrutinized for best use by students. With a focus on diversity in all forms, it will be considered in research, reading, and student discussion lessons in forms that support the education of students in blended, personalized or individualized learning to establish informed views. There is also an emphasis on scholarly and academic RESEARCH skills to prepare students for college, military, vocational opportunities, or any other endeavors that students may experience post high school.  Evermore, the main endeavor is to help students be savvy users of information in all formats for 21st Century learning in a global society. 


    Goal Statement

    To increase the number of students reading books for literacy improvement school wide and for standardized test preparation.




    Congratulations to the 2023 Reading Bowl Team.  Dutchtown came in 1st Place for the second year in a row in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Competition held in January.  Students read 20 books, and at the competition, they must answer any and all questions asked from the books read.   Pictured left to right: Mrs. Tracina Wyatt, District Technology Coordinator, Savannah, Amari, Janna-President, Aiden, Malai, Jonathan, M. Daniels - Sponsor.  The team performed in superior fashion.  Congratulations on the high academic performance!  

Last Modified on March 17, 2023