Teacher Name:  Coach Norman
    School Email Address:  snorman@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:  Physical Education
    Hello!  I am Coach Norman.  This is my 13th  year at Stockbridge Elementary.  I am originally from Moultrie, Georgia.  Moultrie is located in the southwestern part of the state.  I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Physical Education.  Also, I received a Master's Degree from Central Michigan University with a degree in Instructional Education.  Away from work I enjoy various hobbies in my spare time.  I really enjoy going to University of Georgia sporting events (especially football), and taking in a Braves game every now and then.  I love the outdoors.  Hunting is one of my most enjoyable  pastimes.  Hunting quail is my favorite and I enjoy being in the woods with my dogs.  Also, taking a vacation to the Smoky Mountains is relaxing and peaceful to me.    I enjoy teaching our students different types of skills and games at PE.  My goal is to make sure that every child is active and fully engaged in the activities at PE.  Also, I want our students to learn how to respect their bodies by living a healthy lifestyle outside of the classroom.
    Parents in order to make PE fun and safe for our students, please encourage your child to wear athletic shoes (tennis shoes).  Athletic shoes provide better foot and ankle support when students are running, jumping, skipping, hopping, dodging, and changing directions. Dress shoes, flip flops, sandals, and boots are not safe for PE.  Our students are at a greater risk injuring their feet, ankles, or legs when wearing these type of shoes.  Please learn your child's PE schedule in order to make PE fun and safe for them.
    The first week of school in PE the students will learn the rules and procedures of PE class.  Then the next week the students will  learn their daily stretches and exercises, and learn how to line up in their running lines for cardiovascular endurance.  Also, the students will be learning how to run, skip, gallop, and hop the correct way.  During  the first few weeks of PE, the main focus will be rules and procedures, stretches and exercises, and loco-motor skills.
    Assigment For Students While School is Closed from March 16th- and until school reopens.
    Students during these next few weeks away from school please continue to do your regular stretching and exercise routine that we do at the beginning of Physical Education class.  After stretching and exercising, please do your locomotor skills such as running, skipping and hopping.   Now for your assigned activity, these next few weeks I would like for you to practice your basketball dribbling that we have been doing recently in class.  For 15 minutes each day, focus on dribbling with your right hand and then your left hand.  Practice with your right hand for a total of seven minutes and then do the same with your left.  Remember the three steps for dribbling: 1) hand stays on top of the ball, 2) push the ball gently with your hand and finger tips, and 3) always keep the ball at your waist level or below.  Doing your regular stretch and exercise routine and then practicing dribbling will keep you active for the next few weeks.
    Parents and students  use these two links for physical activity.  Parents this is a good workout that you can do with your children: 1) www.kidzsearch.com/kidztube/kids-workout-video_2ae4af32e.html
    Thank you,
    Coach Norman