• What does it all mean?
    We often use abbreviations to describe programs
    throughout our school.    Here are some of the
    abbreviations we use and a word about what they mean!
    AbbreviationWhat is stands forA brief description
    EIPEarly Invention Program

    A program (mandated by the State) to provide extra help for students who are performing below grade level in reading and/or math.

    ESOLEnglish for Speaking
    of Other Languages

    A class for children who are learning the English language.  It focuses on English vocabulary & oral expression.

    IEPIndividual Education Plan

    A document written for special education students to specify the services they are to receive and each child's specific goals.

    IIPIndividual Instruction Plan
    A plan written by classroom teachers to identify strategies that will be used to help students improve their academic performance.   Plans are written for students who are repeating a grade level or who did not pass the Reading or Math section of the CRCT.
    SSTStudent Support Team
    A system which helps parents and teachers work together to find ways to help students with their academic or behavior needs.
    SIEPStudent Instructional
    Extension Program

    A state funded tutoring program for students who need extra help.  Tutoring classes are held after school on selected days.

    ASEPAfter School
    Enrichment Program

    This is a service provided for a fee.   Childcare is provided from the end of school until 6:00 p.m.      Snack, homework time and a variety of activities are part of this program.
    SAGESelected Activities in
    Gifted Education

    This is for students who have qualified for the gifted program.    These classes provide challenging activities above and beyond the grade level curriculum.
Last Modified on December 9, 2016