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    Dr. Dolores Mitchell

    Greetings Parents, Students, Teachers, and Staff.  I am the Literacy Coach serving Stockbridge Elementary School.  In my position, I work with teachers to improve student achievement through reading and writing.  I work side-by-side with teachers to collaborate on current 'best practices' in elementary education.  An educator at heart, I enjoy seeing our students explore our world through literacy. 
    I have worked in education for the past 22 years.  I grew up in Atlanta and was educated in the Atlanta Public School System. I spent my initial years teaching in Fulton and DeKalb County Schools.   My experience includes 1st - 3rd grade, Reading Recovery, Literacy Collaborative Coordinator, EIP and Title 1.  I have been in Henry County Schools for the past eleven years and I have taught 3rd and 1st grades, EIP and Title 1 reading and math.  I truly enjoy working with the students and faculty at SES. 
    I am here to serve each and every stakeholder of Stockbridge Elementary School!  Let me know how I can assist.
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    Literacy tips:
    Parents of K-2 students should have received a letter explaining Dolch Sight Words along with word lists for each level on the back.  Children do learn through repitition but, below are ways to make that learning fun.   
    At Home
    There are several games to play together that will help your child learn these familiar words through repetition. Below are directions for games you can easily play with your little ones.  It is suggested that you create word cards using index cards for each of the words from all lists.  You can choose to either separate the lists by levels or have them learn all lists together.
    Have fun,

    Directions for Concentration

    To play the game, place the cards face down on the table in orderly rows.  Each player has a turn. The player turns two cards over to show the word. If the cards go together, the player takes the pair and takes another turn. If they don’t match, the player turns the cards back over and the next player has a turn.  The player who has the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.  This game requires players not only to make matches among sounds and letters but to remember the position of potential matches.
    Give each player a game card. Place word cards and the plastic chips or other markers in the middle of the table.  Players take turns drawing a card and saying the word. All players search their game cards for a corresponding word. They can mark any spaces that correspond.  For Bingo, the player who covers one row across, down, or diagonally wins the game. 
    For Lotto, the first player to cover the entire board wins the game. The game can then continue until others fill their cards if desirable.
    Making the word
    The word puzzle is a model of the words in clear black print as well as a cut-up version of the word that exactly matches the model. The object is for the child to put the cut-up pieces together to form the words they are working with. Begin with the words the child recognizes best.   When the ability to put together the words without the model, add additional words from their list.


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