Mentoring -
    The presence of caring adults offering support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive examples - has proved to be a powerful tool for helping young people fulfills their potential.
    Mentoring provides significant benefits. As a mentor, you will be
    • Making a difference in someone else's life.
    • Learning about yourself.
    • Giving back and contributing to the future.
    • Having fun.
    If you're still not sure you understand what is expected of a mentor then just ask a young person. Good mentors are willing to take time to get to know their mentees, to learn new things that are important to the young person, and even to be changed by their relationship.
    Mentoring can help by
    • Improving young people's attitudes towards their parents, peers and teachers;
    • Encouraging students to stay motivated and focused on their education;
    • Providing a positive way for young people to spend free time;
    • Helping young people face daily challenges; and
    • Offering young people opportunities to consider new career paths and get much-needed economic skills and knowledge.
    By using your influence and resources as a decision maker, you can bring new hope to young lives through the power of mentoring. And you'll be surprised how much you will benefit, as well.
    Accept the challenges and rewards of mentoring a child for a period of one school year (nine months) or longer and experience the benefits that will last each of you a lifetime. All we ask is for 30-45 minutes of your time simply 1 day/week.
    Contact Information:
    Telephone: (770) 954-1901, call during regular school hours
    Ms. Stacy Marshall, Counselor - Stacy.Marshall@henry.k12.ga.us
Last Modified on October 14, 2016