• Mrs. Lisa
    School Email Address: Lisa.Willard@henry.k12.ga.us
    My schedule for remote learning:
    7:30-8:30 Lessons posted or updated for K-5
    9:00-11:30 Available via email, Class Dojo or google classroom for questions
    11:30-12:00 Tuesday 4th grade Art google meet*
    1:00-3:30 Available via email, Class Dojo, or google classroom for comments on student work (if in a meet, I will get back to you soon)
    1:30-2:00 Monday 2nd grade Art google meet*
    2:30-3:00 Monday 3rd grade Art google meet*
    2:30-3:00  5th grade Art google meet*
    *google meet links will be visible in google classroom
    See below for google classroom codes.
    Be sure to share student work with me so I can see all of their wonderful artwork. I'm missing their sweet faces already! 
    Remote Learning for UGES Art
    In google classroom, use your student number followed by @henry.k12.ga.us
    and your grade level's code below:
    Kindergarten: vfrfcle
    First Grade: oi5wpac
    Second Grade: c4dumej
    Third Grade: jkx353i
    Fourth Grade: mlm6tgr
    Fifth Grade: clqolpl
    I can't wait to see your beautiful artwork uploaded for me to see!


    Can't wait to get back to  ART!
    I'm looking forward to drawing, painting, and getting messy...You might want to look around the house for an old shirt to wear over your clothes on art days OR just wear something dark. See you soon!
    Mrs. Willard

Last Modified on April 23, 2020