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    Mrs. Lisa
    School Email Address: Lisa.Willard@henry.k12.ga.us

    Please join your grade level class using the + sign in your google classroom (app on student ipads) and enter the correct grade level code which you can find on Class Dojo.

    Supply suggestions for Art in remote learning: 
    A pencil, an eraser, crayons, markers, paper without lines, scissors, a bottle of glue or a glue stick, colored construction paper or colored copy paper for collage (the back of colorful flyers or old magazines will also work because we can glue the printed advertisement side down so it doesn't show) and some scrap cardboard from a cereal box or any other cardboard that is thin enough for kids to cut. Also, for the 2nd grade through 5th grade, colored pencils, an ink pen, and a ruler would be beneficial.
    If you have these things available, great! However, I won't require that you have everything. We will simply be drawing together and adding color in the beginning. You could use the normal everyday classroom materials on your classroom teacher's supply list. If the kids have other items that are available like watercolor paint, colored pens, or pastels, they are welcome to use them. I don't want to either burden anyone's budget or limit anyone's imagination.
    Art should be fun and flexible. We are just learning how to take an idea from our imagination and put it down on paper for others to see. It is visual communication. Each artist is growing and getting better each time they try. Even me! 
    See you soon!
    Mrs. Willard

    Can't wait to get back to  ART!
    I'm looking forward to drawing, painting, and getting messy...You might want to look around the house for an old shirt to wear over your clothes on art days OR just wear something dark. See you soon!
    Mrs. Willard

Last Modified on August 13, 2020