Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to our kindergarten class at East Lake Elementary.  This year we are going to begin on your child’s journey through school.  Kindergarten is one of the most important years in your child’s educational foundation.  It is my wish that this foundation be filled with learning, excitement, challenges, fun and above all SUCCESS!  I truly appreciate you sharing your child with us this year.


    I am Tamara Roberson.  This is my 28th year of teaching.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University and my Master’s Degree from Piedmont College. I am certified in gifted education and early childhood education.  My wonderful husband Ken and I have four incredible children and two precious grandchildren.  Kramer is a married to Haley and they have just moved back to McDonough with my grandchildren, Kellan and Lyla Rose. Tori graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2014 and teaches at Union Grove High School.  Keaton just graduated from Georgia Southern University and works for Home Depot Corporate.  Kandler is in the 11th grade at Union Grove High School.  We have lived in McDonough for the last twenty-two years.


    Emphasis in kindergarten is placed on learning new reading, writing, and math skills.  Many of our social studies, science and health standards focus on learning to get along with peers, acceptance of individual differences and building self-esteem.   A child must feel good about him/herself to reach their full potential.  I hope to instill a love of learning that will remain with your child throughout their school years.


    My goal is that each child become as successful as they possibly can in kindergarten.  I feel that you and I both play a vital role in their success.  By using communication between school and home, we can build a strong bridge for your child to use to achieve their full potential.  Please keep me informed about anything that might affect your child’s performance at school.  Email is the easiest and quickest way to reach me. troberson@henry.k12.ga.us   I look forward to working with you this year.

    Mrs. Tamara Roberson☺



    Each child will have a daily folder, which will be brought home every day with any class work or make-up or redo assignments enclosed.  Please go over your child’s daily work with them.  You may keep any graded work unless corrections are needed.  Makeup assignments will be placed on the return to school side. We will check folders each morning for notes, money, etc. from parents.  We will not know if you send a note if it is in your child’s book bag.  We do not go through student book bags.  Your child will also bring home a daily communication report for you to sign. If your child had a good day, there will be no notes.  We will make notes about any academic or behavior issues.  Please sign this form daily.   If your child has had a problem with class expectations, I will write a short note explaining the problem.  If a pattern of negative behavior develops, we will need to meet to discuss the problem and create an action plan for your child.  I feel this daily communication is vital to promote a parent-teacher partnership in regards to your child’s education.



    The homework that I assign is a sight word folder.  This should be completed at least 2 times a week. You should also review and practice skills taught in class.  Go over your child’s daily work.  This allows parents the opportunity to see what your child has been learning in class.  Occasionally, I will send a homework assignment.  I will provide differentiated homework for your child depending upon their needs.  If you have any questions about homework, please do not hesitate to email or call me.



    My hope is that you and your child can read for at least 15 minutes each evening. There will not be a reading log to turn in, but your student will be bringing home various books to read with you.


    Class work will be graded with checks, notes, and smiley faces. Students will receive GKIDS grades through the Infinite Campus Portal. Report Cards will be copied for you.



    My classroom is open to students beginning at 7:30.  Students arriving before 7:30 should report to the gym or commons for breakfast.  Our school day begins at 7:45.  If your child is not in the room by 7:45, a parent should escort them to the office for a tardy slip.  When your child is late, they are missing valuable instructional time that is very hard to make up.  In the afternoon, bus riders will be dismissed first at 2:20, then car riders and after school students will be dismissed at 2:25.  No checkouts after 2:00, please!



    If you must check your child out early, go to the office to sign them out.  The secretaries will call for your child.  For everyone’s safety, parents are asked to wait in the office.  Only those listed on your child’s emergency list will be permitted to check out your child.  Please keep this list updated.




    It is very stressful for your child to have to worry about such an important detail as how they are going home.  You MUST send a note in your child’s folder any time your child is going home a different way.  Please include a telephone number on the note.  It is the school’s policy to verify transportation changes.  For safety reasons, if I do not receive a written note, I must send your child home the way he/she normally goes. I cannot accept phone or email transportation changes. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring your child’s safety.


    When your child returns to school following an absence, you must send a note to the school within 3 days for the absence to be excused.  Students are marked unexcused until the note arrives.    The note should include: 

    1. Child’s name  2. Date of absence(s)  3.  Reason for absence  4. Parent signature



    1. Respect myself and others.  2. Listen and follow directions.  3. Always do my personal best. 4. Be polite, courteous and kind.

    I believe all students deserve an excellent educational climate in which to learn.  I will expect students to do their best at all times.  Students are expected to pay attention to directions, not interfere with others’ learning, to be a good friend to others, and respect adults and other students.  I always try to focus on the positive aspects of each learner.  If a student chooses to continually break rules, there will be various consequences for him/her as well as rewards for those following directions.  See information about our Brag Tags.



    Please label everything your child brings to school.  This includes book bags, lunchboxes, sweatshirts and jackets.  We have a lost and found in our school.  If your child ever loses something, please let us know so we can help look for it.



    We all realize that accidents may happen throughout the year.  To help us keep this as inconspicuous as possible, please send in one complete change of clothes for your child to keep here at school in case of an accident.  Send them to school in a one gallon zipper bag labeled with their name.  We will send the soiled clothes home that same night in a plastic bag.  Remember to replace the extra clothes and send them back to us.



    Absolutely no medicine will be dispensed in the classroom.  If a student is to receive medication at school, he/she will need to go to the office to take it.  Please send it in the original prescription or over the counter bottle or package, along with a note stating dates and times the medicine is to be taken. We do not have a doctor or nurse here.  We have a clinic aide that dispenses medicine and calls parents about ill students.




    When you send money to school (lunch, ice cream, field trip and book orders), please put the money in the labeled baggie or a separate envelope. Your child will receive bags in their blue folder. These bags should stay inside the blue folder all week.  Lunch and ice cream money should be separated.    We have no way of separating lunch money from ice cream if it is written together in a check.  They go into two different accounts.    Our lunchroom has a computerized system that handles each child’s account. I highly suggest depositing money into your child’ account online or sending weekly checks to keep track of your child’s lunch account.   Any questions regarding lunch money should be referred to the lunchroom staff. I appreciate all efforts to keep money issues separated. 



    Once a month, I will send home a book club order for you to look over. You are not obligated to make a purchase.  I provide this opportunity so parents can get quality, inexpensive reading books for their children.  We can also earn books for our class library.  If you choose to make a purchase, please return the order with a check made payable to the book club or pay online.



    Your child’s birthday is a very important day for us.  We can not have birthday parties, but you can send cupcakes, cookies, donuts or other individual snacks for us to serve at lunch.  Please do not send items that need to be cut. We do have students with peanut allergies, so please do not send any peanut products. We will also recognize summer birthdays during the year. 



    Each child will be student of the week during the year.  Students are encouraged to make a poster about themselves.  Parents, grandparents, and other relatives are invited to pick a day during this week to eat lunch with the children and share a special book with the class.



    Our class will be going to lunch each day at 11:56 – 12:26.

    Lunch - $2.30 daily or $11.50 weekly;

    Breakfast - $1.15 daily or $5.75 weekly

    Ice Cream - .75



    We will make time for a small daily snack.  You will need to send in a dry snack (animal crackers, goldfish, chips, fruit roll up, etc.) for your child each day.  Please do not send in any type of wet snack (fruit cups, pudding, yogurt, juice boxes, etc.) due to spillage and stickiness.  We do not want to encourage insects in our classroom!  We have a water fountain in our classroom and right down the hall, so students will be able to get a drink whenever needed.


    Kindergarten students will have a rest time each day.  Please make sure that you buy a mat and send it in for your child to use all year.  The mat we have found that works the best in the red and blue “Kindermat” that folds into four equal parts.  During quiet time each child is expected to stay on his or her mat and rest.  They are not required to sleep, however, they should not disturb others.  They may not bring toys to sleep with. 



    Conferences are an important tool for parents and teachers to use to communicate a child’s progress, work habits, behavior or concerns.  I would love to meet with every parent at least once during the year.  Conferences can be scheduled by calling the front office or by calling or emailing me before or after school.  I will not be available to have a conference once the 7:45 bell has rung.  I am sure you are aware how valuable teaching time is to my students and me.  I love children and I love to teach them.  I try to make sure every minute is put to good use.  Please do not be offended if I am unable to talk with you when I have students in the room.



    A class newsletter will be sent each week through email.  Email is the quickest way for me to send and receive updates.  I check my email before school, at lunch, and afterschool. You are welcome to call and leave a message for me with our school office. Remember to update email and phone numbers when necessary.  Please check our school and class website as well. 


    Parents may walk their child to the classroom on the first day of school, but please keep in mind that many children will be upset when it is time for parents to leave.  Try not to linger because this will make it harder for your child.  Please help your child become a responsible student by encouraging him/her to walk to our classroom alone by the end of the first week.  Remind him or her to unpack their book bag and make a lunch selection each day.  These are big steps for your child.  We want your child to develop these skills and will need your support!  We are looking forward to a super year and welcome your involvement!


    If you still have questions about our classroom, please do not hesitate to ask.   Please plan to attend curriculum night on August 9.  This meeting will provide valuable information regarding specifics in our curriculum, assessments, and grading.


    Thank you in advance for your support,

    Mrs. Roberson, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Green

Last Modified on August 7, 2016