• Welcome Class of 2019-2020
    Teacher Name: Jennifer Dobbs
    School Email Address: jdobbs@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: 5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

    Remote Learning Plan

    5th Grade--East Lake Elementary


    As a fifth grade team, we want to do our very best to make this difficult time as seamless as possible for our students.  With your help as parents, we will create a digital learning environment that is meaningful for the students.


    How are we going to teach?


    We will use a variety of resources that we have available digitally and in print.  We will post videos, pictures, send links to websites, use Google docs and Google Slides, as well as use the district purchased HMH print and digital resources for math.  Digitally we will also have science available as well through HMH.


    How are we going to communicate?


    We will be available from 9-3 for feedback, to answer questions, explain something individually, etc.  We will send messages and assignments to students through Google Classroom or email.  


    Parents can join Google Classroom to see what is being assigned.  Below are codes for Google Classrooms.


    Steele Science           v7hx7gq

    Steele Maroon Math   wjhyksz

    Steele Grey Math       q5fedhq

    Dobbs ELA/SS            aln46vy

    Mrs. Joiner – Math      hb3jdrl

    Mrs. Joiner – Reading  ylehmxt

    We are in the process of learning how to use several online platforms that will allow students to see us and we will be able to hear them. This will be a process that evolves over the next few days so please  be patient with us as we navigate this new way of teaching.  We will update you through email and update the students through Google Classroom.


    How are we going to assess?


    We will assess the assignments given in a variety of ways.    

    1. Answers posted in Google classroom for students to self-assess (we do this often in our classrooms so students can gauge their own understanding)
    2. Answers submitted through Google classroom using a Google doc or Google form
    1. Take picture of assignment and send to teacher.  Student Chromebook cameras are disabled.  They can use a phone or another device.  CamScan is an app that will allow them to email us pictures of paper assignments for us to grade. If they can upload it to Google Drive from another device then they can submit through Google Classroom.
    2. Email BrainPop graded quizzes to your teacher
    3. Illuminate assessments--they will still have 5 math questions each day in Illuminate as well as other assignments in Illuminate.