• East Lake Elementary

    Classroom/Cafeteria Visitation Procedures


    Classroom Visitation Policy 

    We hope your visit today is a rewarding experience, and one that provides you with a greater insight into the skill, professionalism, and dedication that our teachers have. Because of our desire to ensure that the instructional process is not disturbed, we have some requirements with which we ask all visitors to comply during their time in the classroom. We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines and thank you again for your interest in our instructional program.


    1. Visitors must sign-in at the main office and ask to see an administrator. Picture ID is required when you sign-in.
    2. Visitation will not be allowed if the classroom selected for visitation is involved with state or local testing.
    3. Visits are limited to approximately 20 minutes.
    4. Visits must be prearranged (preferably with 24-hour notice).
    5. Visitors should enter the classroom at the specified time.
    6. Visitors are asked to sit in a location in the classroom that is as far away from students as possible to prevent disruptions.
    7. Visitors are asked not to carry on dialogue with the teacher or with any student (including your own child) during the visit.
    8. Visitors are asked to make sure that cell phones are turned off before entering the class. Absolutely no pictures or video may be taken during classroom observations. This is to protect the privacy of other students and adults.
    9. At the completion of the visit, visitors are asked to return to the main office to sign-out.
    10. Visitors who wish to schedule a parent-teacher conference may do so through the teacher or an administrator before leaving the school. 

    Lunch Visit and Volunteer Policy

    It is our expectation that all visitors please comply with the following guidelines to preserve the learning environment and prevent avoidable disruptions that are detrimental to student learning and/or school operations: 

    1. Please sign-in at the main office. Picture ID must be provided when signing in for any visit. Visitors must be on the student’s information card, completed by the enrolling parent, in order to visit with a student (including lunch).
    2. Please alert front office staff to the purpose and location of your visit.
    3. Visitors must remain in the area specified when checking in. Should you need to visit another area of the school, please check in to the front office prior to doing so.
    4. If you are visiting with the purpose of having lunch with your child, please note the following specific procedures.
      1. In order to ensure adequate seating for our students and/or adherence to cafeteria seating charts, please plan on eating with your child only. Designated tables are provided on the cafeteria stage. Should we run out of room on the stage, please check with a staff member.
      2. If you choose to bring outside food for your child, he/she may not share their food with other students.
      3. Because of federal nutrition guidelines, the rise of severe food allergies to dyes, eggs, nuts, gluten, etc., students with dietary restrictions because of health conditions such as diabetes, celiac disease, etc., and students with religious restrictions, East Lake Elementary does not allow visitors to bring food for students other than their own child. This includes cupcakes, cookies, pizza, etc.


Last Modified on July 6, 2021