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    I will be serving 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in the area of Reading. 
    *****As we implement remote learning, please log into Google Classroom through your app on class links. Click the JOIN button for your class or use the code below to join the Google Classroom for your group. I will post updates and assignments in the Google Classroom. 
    3rd Grade Group 1 (Penguins): 7gczev2
    3rd Grade Group 2 - System 44 (Seals): kpyh7a
    4th Grade Group 1 (Star Fish): hwrky6u
    5th Grade Group 1 (Dolphins): s24coku
    5th Grade Group 2 (Sea Turtles): 3k6curp
    4th Grade Group 2 - System 44 (Puffer Fish): 3wjpgl4