• The Counselor’s Role


    As part of a comprehensive school counseling program, the counselors will offer the following:


    Individual Counseling: We are available to any student as requested by a parent, a student, or a teacher. If there is something occurring at home or at school that may impact your child’s learning, let us know. We are here to help! Students are encouraged to consult the counselor if they need help with a problem.

    Classroom Guidance: We visit each classroom bi-weekly to discuss issues related to personal success. Lessons are focused on a variety of grade appropriate subjects such as character education, test taking skills, personal development, communication, friendship skills, etc.

    Group Counseling:  Students will have an opportunity to participate in small group sessions  for varying issues based on our personal insight, teacher and parent referrals. Parents will have to sign a permission letter before students are allowed to participate  and enrolled into the group. Some of the groups that will be offered include: Family Changes, Managing Emotions, Parent Deployment, Conflict Resolution, Grief and Loss, etc. 

    Schoolwide Events: There will be many fun and exciting events throughout the school year designed to foster a community of learning and caring, as well as awareness about issues that may be occurring in the community or the school. Some of these events are: Red Ribbon Week, Career Week, Kindness Week, etc.

Last Modified on January 29, 2017