• Welcome to the First Grade McCarley Team!
    Teacher Name: Mrs. McCarley
    School Email Address: sherrie.mccarley@henry.k12.ga.us
    Grade I Teach: First

    LGE              2018-2019
     Hello Wildcats,
                       I am so excited to get this year started! It will be a fun, adventurous, learning experience for you to remember your whole life! 
    This year, my writers will enhance their writing skills to create lots of  interesting, engaging, writing pieces that will be loved by all. We will write narratives, informational pieces, and opinion masterpieces. We may even get a chance to write a class book that will be published for memories years to come! 
                        We have a Reader's Workshop that is created just for your needs. We learn many different reading strategies to enhance your reading skills. We learn to read by ourselves, with buddies, go to the listening center, and play phonic games. We also have our special time with the teacher in a reading group called, "Guided Reading." This group will be based on such things as our reading level, comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and/or phonic skills. Then we practice these skills during our other centers so we can expand our reading skills to use in the real world. 
                       In math, we will learn how to add and subtract up to 120 without regrouping. The strategies you learn during Number Talks and class activities will help you purchase items at a store, such as Ingles or Wal-Mart. We will learn how to tell time to the nearest five minutes, and measure items in inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters. These skills will help you get to work on time and/or perhaps allow you to build a bookshelf for your children one day. We will also learn fractions such as, halves and fourths. By the end of first grade you will be able to compare fractions. This will help you determine portion sizes when giving a birthday party, or buying gifts for many friends. 
    Can you tell me why counting money is so important? We will learn not only how to add and subtract numbers, but also how to find out how much change you will receive after purchasing some items using dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  
                      In social studies, we will learn all about historical figures, community helpers, and economics. By the end of first grade, you will learn about saving and spending, needs and wants, scarcity, and the need for rules and laws. 
                      We will have so much fun in science! First graders will do many experiments with weather, seasons, Earth and space, light and sound, and the basic needs of plants and animals . I love doing these experiments, and I'm sure you will learn a lot as you do these activities with not only me, but in our science lab too with Mr. Kinsman. 
                      Remember to be present every day and on time boys and girls so we can earn a prize from Ms. Marshall! We are also earning those PAWS to attend the Wildcat Fest in October. Our goal is to have 50  PAWS per student. You may earn these PAWS by doing your homework every night, having perfect attendance, and earning Dojo points on Class Dojo for good behavior.  There will also be another Wildcat Fest in February and the last one will be in May in which the students will need to earn 75 PAWS to attend each Fest. 
                        Please remind your parents to look in the Tuesday Folder every Tuesday, and look and sign the agenda every night. I look forward to reading your messages on Class Dojo as well! 
               If your parents/ guardians have any questions, he/she can call me at 770)957-5416, or email me at sherrie.mccarley@henry.k12.ga.us, or text me a message on Class Dojo.
    Yours truly,
    Mrs. McCarley