• Hello,
    My name is Mrs. Cynthia Brown.  This year will mark my 31st year as an educator.   Your child will be entering a structured learning environment where everyone is aware of what will be done in the classroom on a daily basis. The calendar, which is provided monthly, alerts students to quizzes, tests, projects, or any activity that will be performed and the grade that each task has been assigned.  Most notably, the calendar is provided because I do not just teach literary skills, but I also provide organizational skills to help your child to be successful in each aspect of life.
     I am sure that many of you are wondering about my credentials.  Let me share with you a little about my extraordinary educational background.
    I hold three degrees: the B.A., the M.Ed., and the M.A.  During my years as an educator, I have taught regular, honors and AP English in grades 6-12 in Virginia, Belgium, Alabama, and Georgia.  The diversity among my students and their cultures were beyond intriging, and I enjoyed every minute of my time in each country and state.  My duties as an educator include serving as an English Department Chairperson and a Writing Specialist for Virginia and as a data analyst while teaching in Belgium. My most memorable event was working with a renowned author through the Department of Education to develop curriculum for his novel.  After teaching for a few years, I was fortunate to be tasked to develop curriculum in Virginia, Belgium, and Alabama.   For six years, I expanded my teaching horizon to the collegiate level and taught English at Hampton University and served as a tutor for the Upward Bound Program. Ten years ago, I completed and received certification as a Gifted instructor. for Henry County. 
    With refererence to all of my students, I have never met a child who could not learn.  I have met many children who learn differently, and my goal is to reach each student by using various strategies to implement course material.  If there is ever a concern, please do not hesitate to contact me via email (Cynthia.Brown@henry.k12.ga.us).  I check my messages in the morning, during planning, and before leaving in the evening. 
    I am excited about this school year and endeavor to make this a successful year for your child.
    Cynthia Brown
Last Modified on August 11, 2020