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               Welcome to My World...History
                                                Carolyn Douglas-Zatezalo
                                   AP World History and Honors World History 
                Welcome to my World....History. My world is simple. 
     I love my family (above in our 2017 Family vacation photoand awaitng our 2019 family from our beach vacation this summer} and friends and traveling.Traveling is a pleasure that I plan every chance I get with family and Friends and my students.
    I love history and sharing the past with my future students.  I am teaching Anthropology again this year and  "DIGGING" a little deeper into hisotory and its' impact on all soicites. 
    I  traveled with students and adults to Italy and Greece this summer (2019) and both countries' culture and people were wonderful.  We experienced fabulous food, warm weather and historical locations dring our travlels. The Summer 2021 EF Tour for students and fmaily to China is in the planning stage now and a meeting will be held in Septermber for information regarding this tour. Let me know if you are intereseted in the 2021 EF Tour Trip to see China's Great Wall and the Forbidden City.
    My teaching career is not a job...it is ,and always have been, a dream of mine since I was a sophomore in high school. I've wanted to teach since I was 16 years old and this year marks my 33rd year in education. It also marks my last two years in eduation until my retirement in 2021. 
    *Bachelor of Science
     Troy State University
    Social Sciences
    *Master's of Education
    Education Leadership
    Nove Southeastern University
    Years Experience
    Marking my 27th Year in Education
    * Nine Years in Henry County School System
    Stockbridge High School (2000-2003)
    Luella High School (2003-2007)
    Evening Academy (2001-Present)
    Woodland High School (Present)
    * Thirteen Years in Florida's School Systems
    Polk County School System (1987-1992)
    Levy County School System (1992-2000)
    *One year in Coweta County School System
    Professional Interest
     World History 
    Personal Interest
    Married to "Z" and we have four wonderful, adorable grandchildren [6 adn 3 year olds] and I have a wonderful Zatezalo Family far and near.
    Traveling is a personal goal of mine and planning a GREAT summer for 2019 to share with family and friends is rewarding and a reminder to enjoy our time together making memories.  
    The cruise for this summer was a wonderful, realxing time as was the Cape Cod trip [Visited Plymouth Rock] celebratng another friend retiring. Movies are my escape from reality of teaching and
    grading students' works.
    In the fall, my husband and I movef to the country to enjoy the quite life wth our two dogs, four cats and two horses, but plan to enlarge the farm to include chickens [chicken coop in the process] and pigs and.... whatever else I can adopt. The small farm life is where I plan on fulling my days once I retire.... in 2021. 
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