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               Welcome to My World...History
                                                                 Carolyn Douglas-Zatezalo
                                             Office Hours [Remote Learning]  Daily 7:50-8:10 and 3:30-3:45
                                                                                            Mondays and Wednesdays   12:30-1:30
                                             Office Hours [Traditional]           Daily 7:50-8:10 and 3:30-3:45 
                                                                                            Monday-Friday  12:45-1:20                                                                              
                                              NOTE: Classes wil be using Google Classroom throughout the school term for 2020-2021
                                                 AP World History and Honors World History and World History
                Welcome to my World....History. My world is simple. 
     I love my family (above in our 2017 Family vacation photo however, our 2019 family photo shows the tears of our grandchildren {heat getting to them} and the tears of the adults {children getting to them}) and we do love our time at the beach every old year.  The kids, grandkids and grandparents are getting older, therefore, our time together is speical. Planning another beach week ths summer of 2021.
    This year marks my 34th year as an educator and I've spent those years teaching what I love........HISYORY! It is my plan to retire at the end of May 2021 and spend time with my husband, four dogs, four cats, two horses [all rescued] and 21 chickens. It is a simple hobby farm, but takes time and energy to keep animals happy. During COVID 19 when I was not hovering over my laptop, my husband and I built an extended chicken run and green house, cut down trees and weeded the grounds. This summer I caught view of a wild turkey in the front field, a quick, shy fox on the back property and a doe deer enjoying her a couple of apples from our trees. And, the blueberries have been keeping me busy daily....eating and picking. So, I've great summer but ready to get started with a new school year.
    Although I love traveling, plans were postponed and dreams faced....unitl the borders open again. I got plans!
    My teaching career is not a job...it is ,and always have been, a dream of mine since I was a sophomore in high school. I've wanted to teach since I was 16 years old and  will turn 60 this February. A good time to retire! 
    *Bachelor of Science
     Troy State University
    Social Sciences
    *Master's of Education
    Education Leadership
    Nove Southeastern University
    Years Experience
    Marking my 34th Year in Education
    * Henry County School System
    Stockbridge High School (2000-2003
    Luella High School (2003-2007)
    Evening Academy (2001-2007)
    Woodland High School (Present)
    * Thirteen Years in Florida's School Systems
    Polk County School System (1987-1992)
    Levy County School System (1992-2000)
    *One year in Coweta County School System
    Professional Interest
     World History 
    Personal Interest
    Planning to Retire in 2021 to enjoy traveling, reading and speding time on the farm. Wish me luck!
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