2022 Spring Practice Dates

    Eagle’s Landing High School Football Program

    Greetings Family!

    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter of introduction to you as your new HEAD FOOTBALL COACH at Eagle’s Landing High School. I am truly honored to become part of a community, which has already given me such a warm welcome! In just the few interactions I’ve had with staff, students and families so far, it’s become abundantly clear that this school is a unique and special place.

    The past few weeks, I have been spending much of my time getting to know the building, the school’s community and familiarizing myself with the vision that Dr. Jones and her awesome administrative team have for our beloved ELHS. In doing so, I’ve learned that ELHS is a place where strong connections are made between home and school. Staff members are committed to developing the COMPLETE student. My aim is for that same call to action to be evident within our football program.

    Familiar with the quote Dr. Hiam Ginott originally wrote for the classroom, I adapted it and made it my personal coaching statement. “I have come to the frightening; conclusion I am the decisive element both on and off the field. It is my personal approach that creates the climate in the locker room. It is my daily mood that makes the weather during practice. As the coach, I possess tremendous power to make my players’ lives miserable or joyous. I can be the tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration; I can humiliate, humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, my response decides whether a crisis will escalate or de-escalate, and a player humanized or dehumanized.”

    With the help of my staff, the support of administration, and support staff I intend on instilling a sense of pride in community within our student-athletes. A Golden Eagle will be recognized not only by their efforts on the field but also how they carry themselves off of the field! I look forward to meeting each of you very soon, and if you see me just scream out “Hey Coach Brown!”, and I’ll come running! With Warmest Regards, Coach Markus Brown GO GOLDEN EAGLES!  




Last Modified on February 16, 2022