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    Drama Club Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every Month in the Theatre Room from 3:30 to 4:00pm
    Fall One Act Competition Show
    FOne act Play

     Cast List will be posted by the Theatre Room on Tuesday 8/15/17 during 3rd lunch.    

    If you accept you role be at the First Rehearsal will be Thursday 8/17/17 from 3:30 to 5:15pm in the Theatre!!!! ( If you aren't there and have not spoken with me, then I will assume that you are declining your role in the show.)

    Thank you for the amazing auditions!  We are now doing the Large Cast Version of the show!  See you Thursday!




    Jada Flowers            Melissa

    Kristi Dunlap            Mary Kate / Choreographer

    Donni Anderson        Amber

    Ariel Rouse               Barbie

    Trinity Weaver           Ms. McGery

    Chris Cook                LeRoy

    Jasmine Gresham      Regional Announcer/ Jennifer / Drama Team / SGA Pres. / Student Dir.

    Skyler Garcia            School Announcer/ Shelley/ Student 1/ Drama Team / SG/ Student Dir.

    Morgan Walton          Regional Opposing Team/ Stephanie / Drama Team

    Korah Gerhardt          Regional Opposing Team/ Debate Team / SG

    Thomas Chappell       Regional Opposing Team/ Debate Team/ SG/Choreographer

    Isaiah Rodriguez        Regional Opposing Team/ UPS Guy/ Ensemble Boy / Drama

    Melissa Saunders        Regional Opposing Team/Drama/ SG

    Lucy Mayi                  Regional Opposing Team/ Drama Team - Pending GHSA App

    Diseye Agedah           Regional Judge / Young Feminists / Ensemble

    Dionne Campbell        Regional Judge / Young Feminists / Ensemble

    Skylar Hudson           Regional Judge / Young Feminists / Ensemble

    Dynasti Patton           Regional Judge / Young Feminists  / Ensemble  

    Kylah Jones               Ensemble/ Debate Team/ SG

    Jada Clark                 Ensemble / Debate Team/ SG

    Ty'Liah Williams         Ensemble/ Debate Team/ SG

    Curtis Williams           Ensemble/ Crew

    Alyssa Joubert            Ensemble/ Crew

    Jovi Duliepre                     Crew

    Deonna Metcalf                  Crew

    Carolina Vega                     Crew - Pending GHSA App      

    Olin Paivorinta-Skands        Crew

    Claire Paivorinta-Skands     Crew

    Congratulations to the Cast of Once Upon a Mattress for an Amazing Job!!!

    Cast of Once




    Once Upon a Mattress
     Congratulations to Jasmine Gresham for passing Henry County GHP Screening.  Break a Leg at State Auditions
    2016 One Act Show 
     Strawberry Jam
    Strawberry Jam
             Congratulations to our One Act Cast of Strawberry Jam & Exit for outstanding productions!  Congratulation to Kristi Dunlap for being on the Region All-Star Cast to Jada Flowers & Karyn Westbrooks for being on the Henry County All-Star Cast!!!!!
    Beth Massengale, Theatre Director
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