• Exceptional Student Education Department (ESE)
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    Student Support Facilitator
    Dr. Monique Robinzine
    Depatrment Chairs
    Lisa Bullington-IRR
    Heather Stephenson- IRR
    Gwen Stroud-ID 
    Literature IRR
    Aletia Morgan- World Literature, Ninth Grade Literature
    Caitlin Teknipp-  American Literature, World Literature, British Literature
    Sean Keane- British Literature,American Literature, Ninth Grade Literature
    Lisa Bullington- World Literature, Basic Reading and Writing
    Math IRR
    Daniel Foust- Algebra II, AMDM
    Heather Stephenson-Geometry
    Daniel Turner- Algebra I
    Tyrone Jamison- Geometry
    Social Studies IRR
    Jessica Bennett- World Geography, US History, World History
    Lisa Bullington- World History
    Francis Oparah- Economics, Government, World History
    Science IRR
    Grace Swalve- Biology,Environmental Science
    Daniel Turner-Physical Science
    Christie Dorsey- Biology, Earth Systems
    Tyrone Jamison-Environmental Science
    Study Skills IRR
    Tyrone Jamison
    Lisa Bullington- Autism
    Gwen Stroud- MID
    Allison Gibbons- MID
    Elliott Montgomery- MOID
    Scott Cozart- SID/PID
    Speech and Language
    Susan Martin- SLP
    Lauren Fraser- SLPA
    ESE Paraprofessionals
    Oliver Dostson- IRR
    Donna Deane- IRR
    West Graves- IRR,Autism
    Ronney Daniels- ID
    Gardenia Willis- ID
    Chrisitne Wray- ID
    Tonya Moseley- ID
Last Modified on October 2, 2019