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    Chanda Williams - Graduation Coach 
    Welcome to Eagle's Landing High School!
    We are committed to "educating each for the benefit of all."
    Graduation for the Class of 2019 is May 24, 2019!
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    Parents: Please read the helpful tips below to learn how you can best support your child's academic progress!

    Resources for ELHS Parents and Students

    • Infinite Campus—online grading program and attendance information.  You can see every grade and attendance entry for your child as soon as it’s entered into the grade book. There are also convenient links to teachers’ email addresses.
    • Teachers can be accessed by calling the school or email. Email addresses can be found through Infinite Campus, or from the ELHS home page, click on Teachers, then click on the name of the particular teacher(s) you would like to contact. 
    • Parent-teacher-student conferences-- scheduled before and after school.  Contact Anita Williams, Counseling secretary, at 770-954-9515, ext. 132.  This is best when you need to speak with and hear from all teachers.  Please require your child to attend.
    • Tutoring—teachers are your best resource!  Make appointments in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.
    • Helpful Math resources are available through the ELHS website. Click on Academics, then Mathematics, then Helpful Web Links (found on the left-hand side of the page).     
    • Peer tutoring—available before school in the ISS room.  Please see Dr. Thomas in ISS for an appointment. 
    • Counselors are also available. Visit the ELHS Counseling and Career Center on the ELHS website.


    How Parents Can Help Their Middle or High School Child

    In middle and high school young people are developing emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Parents can help their children be successful students by encouraging them in the following ways:

    ·         Create a quiet space for homework to be completed. A place free from disruption and fully stocked with supplies (pencils, pens, paper, stapler, tape, calculator, etc.) is ideal.

    ·         Communicate with students about their homework, and upcoming projects and tests.

    ·         Keep a family routine concerning dinner, homework, and TV.

    ·         Remember that intrinsic motivation leads to greater creativity. Allow students to try a variety of activities in order to find their true interests.

    ·         Encourage students to keep trying when faced with a challenge. Remind students that parents and teachers are available to provide extra help.

    ·         Encourage children to read if they want to improve their scores on standardized tests. The best way to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary is to read a lot.

    ·         Allow adolescents some freedom yet, stay involved in their lives. We all learn through experience and sometimes failure is the best teacher.

    ·         Praise adolescents for their contributions to family, school, and community. This conveys a belief in their accomplishments and helps to build a positive self-image.

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