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    The standards for foreign language learning have expanded how culture is taught in today's classroom. We want students to understand the why (perspectives) of culture that determines the what (products and practices).
    Our program will help students develop the competencies delineated in the standards for foreign language learning through communication, comprehensible input, practice activities, meaningful context in language learning and understanding grammar. The five goals in foreign language learning are:
    • Communication Communicate in language other than English
    • Culture Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures
    • Connections Connect with other disciplines and acquire information
    • Comparisons Gain insight into the nature of language and culture
    • Communities Participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world
    At Eagle's Landing we offer Spanish and French to our students. It is truly a great opportunity for all students to learn another language because, not only will it benefit them in their careers later, it will also help them develop their English language skills and understanding vocabulary in other subject areas.
    We hope that students (and parents) enjoy the experience and the benefits of the language classes here at ELHS!!!
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