Juniors and Seniors,  Our 2021 Prom is on the books….

    Friday, May 14th from 7:00-11:00 PM

    The Atlanta Zoo

    800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

     Get your tickets now - $100 each. 

    See Ms. Holmes for tickets and info.

     There will be a mandatory virtual meeting for all prom attendees on Wednesday, May 12th at 1:00 PM.  The link is posted on the left side of this page.  Google will provide us a list of those who are in attendance, so please plan on logging in.  I do not expect the virtual meeting to last longer than 30 minutes.  Please plan to type your questions or concerns in the chat box. 

    We are very excited for those of you who will be attending this year’s prom at the Atlanta Zoo.  We are working very had to make it a memorable experience for you.  Here note the following:

    • We will crown a prom king and prom queen at prom!  Please continue to check the school prom page this week for the opportunity to nominate yourself or someone else who has purchased his or her ticket.  All nominees must be current Seniors.   
    • Guest forms for those who are not current students of WHS or SHS are on the school prom page.  This form is mandatory. Please complete this form and return with the photo ID of the guest. 
    • You will be excused from classes on Friday, May 14th, however, you are still responsible for all work assigned.  Please be responsible and communicate with your teachers and turn in all work due.
    • There will be a professional photographer at the prom to take pictures.  Information and the package prices are on the school website.  For the best pictures, please plan on taking your pictures upon entering the event.  Once the sun goes down, the picture quality cannot be guaranteed. 
    • You will be able to visit a couple of the animal exhibits until sunset.  Please arrive early for the best chance at seeing some of these animals and to get good pictures.  The animals usually go in at sunset.
    • The event will take place on an outside veranda.  There is a covered tent that will be used in case of rain.  A decision will be made and communicated to you in case of rain or inclement weather.
    • Parking is $6 and you are responsible for this fee.  Please plan to use the entrance on Cherokee Avenue.
    • The prom ends promptly at 11:00.  Please arrange to be picked up no later than this time.  Once you leave the venue, you may not return.


    Please continue to keep your eyes open for additional information.

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