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    Teacher Name:  Mrs. Cheryl Guy
    School Email Address: cguy@henry.k12.ga.us
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    I teach Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language, and Writing skills.
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          My name is Cheryl Guy and I am a veteran educator.  I have had the privilege of working in two states, three counties, and I just love teaching! This year I have the privilege of teaching a TAG class for gifted and high achievers at the third grade level.  I expect we will have a great time learning from each other, working hard daily, and most of all, becoming life-long friends.
          As you can expect, this year students will be expected to keep up with high achieving type assignments.  The class will be full of rigor and challenging activities that will advance students through the third grade and  at least 50% of the fourth-grade curriculum. This is not to say that 4th grade is our top level or goal; students are encourage to go as far as they can because in our class learning has no limits.  
         Students will have as many as three academic fairs that will be mandatory for this class.  Each of the fairs will require the use of 3-sided boards.  I strongly suggest you purchase one, and recycle it for the remainder of the year to keep down cost by recovering it.  Dates, purpose, and directions for each fair will be sent home in writing.
        I welcome parents, guardians, adult siblings, and grandparents to our class.  There will be times for you to join us for a lesson, or volunteer in the classroom.  Students can learn a lot about your travel, serving in the military, living in another country, music, work, science and technology experience; I welcome you!  (Please be aware, all visitors are subject to finger printing or background check for safety reasons.  If you plan on visiting our classroom, please submit to this policy as early as possible. )
    Students will be given class and homework assignments from this webpage.  Let's keep in touch via email or phone.  My contact information is included 
    Cheryl Guy, Teacher, BS , MEd, EDS, Leadership/ Gifted/Math Endorsement
    Grade Level Chairperson 
     Social Studies Chairperson