• The Stock Market
    The dates for the Stock Market Games for the School Year 2013-2014 are :
    Fall 2013 Game: October 7-Decemer 13, 2013
    Spring 2014 Game:  January 27-April 4, 2014
    Georgia Counsel on Economic Education
    Finance Research

    September 30, 2011


    Dear SAGE Parents and Students,

         Twice every school year the Georgia Stock Market Game is played by gifted and talented students throughout Metro Atlanta.  Fairview Elementary’s gifted students, along with students in the Math Enrichment and the Business Club, grades 4 and 5 will now be participating in this exciting program.  The Georgia Council on Economic Education sponsors the elementary through high school students who play the Stock Market Game each spring and fall semester for ten weeks, starting off with a hypothetical portfolio of $100,000 and researching publicly-traded companies on the internet, reading business publications, and crunching the numbers to select stocks.  There are 35,000 students participating in this program each year.  The team from each school district with the highest portfolio value at the end of ten weeks wins the game.  While participating in the game, students develop a solid understanding of how private enterprise works.  Economic education is not just about financial literacy; it is about the larger economic forces that affect everyone’s financial circumstance.  Unlike real equity markets, the game offers students a safe and pain-free place to learn that the lessons of market economics can sometimes be costly.  The Georgia Council on Economic Education has a FAQ page for students at http://www.gcee.org/stock_market/studentfaq.asp

         Like any educational simulation, the Stock Market Game in Georgia has limitations.  There is no real-time trading, no rapid buying and selling to turn quick profits, and no excessive risk-taking like there is in real equity markets.  Students do their research at the Yahoo finance site http://finance.yahoo.com.  Stocks valued less than $5 cannot be purchased, and rules are in place to emphasize the educational benefits of the game while removing the speculative aspects of equity trading.   For example, one rule requires teams to make their first transactions by the end of the third week, purchase at least three different stocks or mutual funds, and hold at least three of their investments for at least three business weeks (sixteen business days).   The rest of the rules for the game can be found at http://www.gcee.org/stock_market/ForStudents.asp

        The Stock Market Game for Fall will begin on October 3, 2011 and end December 9, 2011.    Spring’s game will begin January 20, 2012 and end April 6, 2012.  Your child’s Team Login information is attached to this letter.  Please allow your child to participate in this exciting and strategy-filled simulation.  It is an experience like no other.


    Connie Frank, SAGE Educator

    Stock Market Team Assignments for Gifted and Math Enrichment
    Class Name:Gifted1 of Teams:6  Monday
    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2852, Password:WXA32622

    Team Members:  Katelyn, Fredrick, Marcus


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2853,

    Team Members:Aleaha, MaKenzie, Jada, Karrington


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2854, Password:OBRW2699

    Team Members:  Ja’Cia, Madison, Jaimee, Euveronia

    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2855, Password:SIBO5813

    Team Members:  Camille, Gabrielle, Ayanna


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2856, Password:UNNM5986

    Team Members:  Silas, Nehemiah

    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2857, Password:FRW25188

    Class Name:Gifted2 of Teams:6 Tuesday
    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2858, Password:ISW26943

    Team Members:  Elon, Jason


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2859, Password:NXH32579

    Team Members:  Van, Colin, Maxwell, Matthew


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2860, Password:ICX12964

    Team Members:  Abigayle, Alana


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2861, Password:LVO24070

    Team Members:  Austin, Gustavo E., Gustavo M.


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2862, Password:RYS30603

    Team Members:  Jamari, Kloe, Amya, Naylin


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2863, Password:UXP25753

    Team Members:  Seleste, Amberly, Kayleigh, McKenzie

    Class Name:Gifted3 of Teams:6 Wednesday
    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2866, Password:WOO27102

    Team Members:  Ayanna and Tammia


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2867, Password:MBG27550

    Team Members:  I’yana and Tamecka


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2868, Password:FISK8597

    Team Members:  Janan, Kennedy, and Destin


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2869, Password:KEW29719

    Team Members:  Lance and Alexis


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2864, Password:IXB25346

    Team Members:  Miles and Ahlayah


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2865, Password:QKF23261

    Team Members:  Evan and Dakota


    Class Name:Gifted4 of Teams:6  Thursday
    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2870, Password:AURC6282

    Team Members:  Jayda, Brittany, Jazz, Wesley


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2871, Password:QGZT5449

    Team Members:  Matthew, Brenton, Anthony


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2872, Password:YCY17232

    Team Members:  Jaylon, Makayla, Brandeion


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2873, Password:HBB13560

    Team Members:  Timothy, Ukari, Michael, Calvont


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2874, Password:TIRO5618

    Team Members:  Emily, Tori, Darci


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2875, Password:IYR10661

    Team Members:  Timberland, Leonard, Zachary

    Class Name:Math Enrichment Friday

    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2830, Password:SOSX5867

    Team Members:  Morgan, Diana, Raegan, Jayla, Aniya


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2831, Password:ZIG14369

    Team Members:  Christian, Elijah, Jason, Theodore


    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2832, Password:ZOZ24576

    Team Members:  Zachary, Torrance, Jorge, Kelechi

    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2833, Password:BNX12336

    Team Members:  Esther, Marion, Jayda

    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2834, Password:PBJC1445

    Team Members:  Amin, Faith, Torrean

    Team Login ID/Username:GA_60_ZZ2835, Password:SGX19440

    Team Members:  Jania, Linda, William