• Welcome to 3rd Grade          2020-2021

         Teacher- Ms. LaSonya Gomez

            Email - lasonya.gomez@henry.k12.ga.us


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  • Attention Attention Parents!!!!!!!!!Reminders

    MAP Testing Monday, March 22 - Wednesday, March 24.

    Spring Break April 5-9. 

    Parents please have your child show you weekly that all work is completed in Google Classroom. Many students are just clicking "Turned In" and the work is not being completed.

    Parents of Remote learners, please ensure your child is actively participating using their cameras.

    Please visit Fairview's Website for weeky updates and Important information. (Science Fair, Workshops)


    • Work is late after the due date (accepted as LATE- 2 days after due date-assignment closed after 2 days) 
    • Work should be completed daily with time and effort
    • Your child should participate by actively responding to discussions and questions
    • No pictures, screen shot, or scanning of work is accepted 
    • Your child should ask the teacher for help for clarifications of work or technology
    • If you child is experiencing difficulities with typing on assignments, it could be that many students are opening Google Classroom Assignments incorrectly and is trying to access the teacher copy. The student's work is located on the right side of the screen and says,"Your Work". (unless it is a google form and it should just be clicked on)-Google Classroom should be opened each morning through the Launchpad where they log in with their email and password. (Please stop editing the assignments)
    • Please encourage your child daily to pay attention and take notes (notes are used to clear up any misconceptions)
    • Remote Learners-Please make sure your child is in a quiet place at home (free of distractions and loud noises)


     Our standard school daily schedule of 7:45 am to 2:25 pm - This includes BOTH remote and F2F (Face to Face) learners. 

    • School Starts at 7:45am daily. Attendance is taken at 7:45am


    Face to Face Learners

    • masks worn all day in the building -except eating lunch
    • practice safe distancing at all times throughout the day
    • all school supplies, bookbags, and personal items must be kept at desk
    • all school supplies must be kept in a large ziplock bag and kept at school (make sure a 2nd school supply bag of items is also at home)
    • Administration has requested students bringing lunch from home, put lunches in a disposable bag daily to be thrown away after eating the contents at lunch
    • all chromebooks should be brought daily and charged at home each evening

    Parents please check and make sure your child is completing all assignments by the due date.