Dr. Vaneisa D. Benjamin, Principal



    School year 2020-2021 will be an amazing year all year long. I can already feel it, and feel confident that we all will learn more, love more, and support each other with a renewed energy. Fairview has a rich tradition of producing top-quality students who are well-rounded. Both the valedictorian of the 2019-2020 graduating class of Stockbridge HIgh School and Woodland High School, came through the walls of this great institution of learning, Fairview Elementary School. We are so proud of them, along with so many of the top honor students.


    Our students make no apologies for being top scholars. They love to compete educationally for excellence. Our students, teachers, and family understand that in order for each student to succeed, we must operate as a village and help one another.  In addition, rigor must be expected and welcomed. Our students have compassion, not only for each other, but the greater community in which we live.

    As a Fairview community, we support our students in believing that they should:


    1. Believe that they are worthy of the best, and should settle for nothing less through instruction. 

    2. Operate with a code of honesty,  apologize when necessary, accept when a mistake has been made, but never, and we do mean never admit to something they did not do.

    3. Measure themselves not by who they are when everyone is looking at them, but who they really are when no one is looking. 


     This is my 11th year as Principal of Fairview Elementary. My undergraduate degree is from Spelman College in Computer Science with a Business Administration minor, and I have a Master's degree from Atlanta University in Computer Science. I obtained additional studies in order to complete my education requirement in first, Middle Grades Education and later Elementary Education. I have a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Troy State University, a Specialist, and Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Clark Atlanta University. As you can tell, I love school and learning. I still get excited going into the classroom to teach a lesson! It's a feeling I can't explain. Watching the faces of the students when they get it, I mean really get it, is priceless. 


      When I am away from school I love watching the ocean, cruising, touring different places, learning new things, Broadway plays, and watching basketball. I am the proud mother of two adult sons who both got their educational start at Fairview Elementary. 

                                " Let nothing or no one keep you from your destiny!"


    Dr. Vaneisa Davis Benjamin, Principal