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    Enrich the lives and learning environments of the students by creating educational opportunities that expose students to a deeper understanding of a rigorous curriculum that provides opportunities to explore the world in which they live.


    Hampton Elementary Charter School will be one of the top 5 highest-performing elementary schools in Henry County by 2020.


    1. HECS staff will plan and teach 1 STEAM focused PBL unit per quarter that is aligned to grade level standards. 

    2.  HECS teachers will develop and teach Instructional Focus (IF) lessons daily, using data to target students learning needs in Math and Reading as measured by weekly collaborative planning/data analysis meetings.


    We will work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, students, and parents as we share responsibility for providing a stimulating and supportive learning environment using best practices and research-based strategies.

    We will provide a safe, trusting, and nurturing environment where students accept responsibility for their own actions and respect the rights of others.

    We will create learning opportunities that are consistent, structured, and creative in order to provide opportunities for success based on data.