• Teacher Name: Vincent Simpson
    Subjects I Teach: Into to Law & Justice, Criminal Justice Essentials and Forensics & Criminal Investigations
    Certification: Industry & Trade.
    Schools Attended: University Of south Carolina.
    Degree: Bachelors of Science Criminal Justice.
    Years in Teaching: 13 years. 
    Subjects: 1.) Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security, 2.) Criminal Justice Essentials
     3.) Forensics Science & Criminal Investigations...
    These courses provide students with career focused educational opportunities in various LPSCS fields. It examines the basic concepts of the law related to citizens'  rights and responsibilities, and students will receive instructions in critical skill areas including communicating with diverse groups, conflict resolution, ethics, Cert ( Citizens Emergency Response Training or similar program ) Basic Firefighting, Report Writing, Terrorism, Civil and Criminal Law, Career planning and Employability skills will be emphasized.
Last Modified on August 26, 2019