Attendance Office Information


    Attendance Secretary: Dr. Vickie Brown







    Please note the following information as it applies to the attendance office services:

    • No checkouts after 2:30

    • Students may NOT check themselves out, a parent must sign them out.

    • If sending in medicine, it must be in its original container.


      New Attendance policy, see below:


      Dear Parents,


      Research shows that school attendance has a large impact on student achievement.  When students are absent excessively from school, achievement opportunities are greatly decreased.  Therefore, in an effort to ensure that each MHS student has the maximum opportunity to strive for academic success, there will be a limit on the number of written parent notes for student absences.  Effective January 9, 2018, only three (3) parent notes per semester will be accepted.  Only an official doctor’s note will be accepted to excuse a student’s absence after the third parent note has been submitted.

      We look forward to working with and supporting you in every effort to promote a quality learning environment, where all students can be afforded the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

      Thank you.




Last Modified on March 9, 2023