• Clinic Aide
    When bringing in medication please fill out the proper form/forms. Please also make sure the medication is in the original container, age appropriate and not expired. If medication is filled by a pharmacy, please make sure the pharmacy label is legible. 
    If your student uses an inhaler, epi pen or has seizures, be sure to send in an action plan form filled out and signed by the student's physician along with the medication form to house the medication in the clinic. If you want your student to carry their inhaler, you will need to have a self-administration form filled out and signed by the students' physician. No student is allowed to carry any medication without approval.
    All forms are listed below. 
    Click here for the Medication Form that must be sent with any medication that students take.
    Click here for the Self Administration of Medication Form that must be completed for students to self-administer.  
    Click here for Diabetes Management Plan Form
    Click here  for Asthma Action Plan Form. 
    Click here for Seizure Action Plan Form
    Click here for Individual Action Plan Form
    Click here for Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis/Epinephrine Emergency Care plan
    Click here for Field trip medication form from home
Last Modified on June 16, 2022