Click on link below for all required physical paperwork. 
    DragonFly Max Flyer and Instructions
    Parents and students, as we begin to plan for athletics please be proactive and go ahead and get your physical exam. We will be using an online program named DragonFly Max to collect all paperwork. You will only need to upload the physical and clearance forms. All other forms will be filled out online. 
    UNION GROVE Athletics
    You will need either 24 hour coverage or at school coverage.  Please print a copy of the confirmation and policy # and upload to arbiterathlete with your physical.  Also write the policy number on the CIA form.  
    Please print these and take to the doctor. All other forms are filled out on DragonFlyMax website. 
    The student must have passed three out of four academic classes for the previous semester AS WELL AS have a cumulative connections average of 70 or above for the previous semester.   
    Starting in 2023-24 students will be required to pass 5 out of 6 classes to be considered eligible to tryout for athletics in Henry County. 
    The student must also be age eligible. The dates for the 2022-2023 season are listed below:  
    A player must not reach his/her 16th birthday prior to May 1st of his/her 8th grade year.
     A player must not reach his/her 15th birthday prior to May 1st of his/her 7th grade year.  
    On the list to the left of this page you will  find information regarding eligibility for both age and academics, as well as frequently asked questions, and other useful information.  If you have any questions, please contact Steve Spruell, Athletic Director at :
    stephen.spruell@henry.k12.ga.us or at 678-583-8978
    2015-2016  Softball Champions 
    2015-2016  Wrestling Duals Champions
    2015-2016  Wrestling Traditional Champions
    2015-2016  Boys Track Champions
     2015-2016  8th Grade Volleyball Champion
    2017 7th Grade Football Runner Up
     2018 7th Grade Boys Basketball Runner up
     2018 8th Grade Boys Basketball Runner up
    2018 Girls Track Champions
    2018 8th Grade Volleyball Champions
    2018 8th Grade Football Runner Up
    2019 8th Grade Boys Basketball Runner Up
    2019 7th Grade Girls Basketball Champions
    2019 Girls Track Champions
    2019 7th Grade Football Champions
    2020 8th Grade Boys Basketball Runner Up
    2020 7th Grade Boys Basketball Champions
    2020 8th Grade Girls Basketball Champions
    2021 8th Grade Girls Basketball Runner Up
    2021 8th Grade Boys Basketball Champions
    2021 Softball Champions
    2021 Competition Cheer Champions
    2022 7th Grade Boys Basketball Runner Up
    2022 7th Grade Volleyball Champions
    2022 Competition Cheer Runner Up
    2022 Softball Runner Up
    2023 7th Grade Girls Basketball Runner Up
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Last Modified on March 28, 2023