• How to do Research 

    Websites by subject in left column
     1. Start by defining your search - what are you researching?
                   An assigned topic = you are ready to begin, skip down to #2
    Need to find a topic?  Look for topics that interest you but find one with enough information!
    2Start your research with reliable, general reference sources, like Encyclopaedia Britannica GALILEO for an overview.

    Once you have basic information on your topic expand your search to books, newspapers, magazines & websites by searching databases the cover a broad variety of subjects like: 
    Explora  GALILEO    or   SIRS Discoverer GALILEO
    All the above GALILEO databases also search the internet for reliable resources.  NetTrekker is a reliable search engine created just for students so you get accurate websites and no ads, unlike Google, Bing, etc.
      Remember to always cite your sources to identify where found your information. If you type in all the source info (title, author, etc.) into Landmark Project's Citationmaker it will create your bibliographic citations for you.
     If you have any problems finding something, don't hesitate to e-mail Ms Murphy, the school librarian. 
Last Modified on January 26, 2016