SHH (Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica-National Spanish Honor Society) membership by invitation only for students In Spanish level III or higher AT Woodland High School. Applications are available at the beginning of FALL semester
    Community Service:  ATTEND ONE each semester.


    Sponsors: Sra. Linda  Chinn, WHS, room 225 y Sra. Glenda Torres, room 223.

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      ¡Feliz principio del año!
    The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is an national honor society to which students enrolled in Spanish levels III, IV, and AP at Woodland High School may be invited for membership.  Students in Spanish Level III or higher may apply for membership each fall.
    Our charter chapter formed in May, 2008.

    Our purpose: Academic, social and cultural activities involving the Spanish language and the Spanish-speaking cultures.
    To maintain membership (claim membership and receive honor cord at graduation for being a member in good standing) complete the following:
    1.) Come to meetings!  Do not miss more than 3 meetings during the school year. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month before and after school at 7:40 AM and 3:20 PM in room 225.
    2.) PHYSICALLY ATTEND ONE of our community service projects each semester.  See Ms. Chinn or Ms. Torres if you have any questions. 
    3.) School Service:  Be available for peer tutoring in Spanish ONCE each semester on Thursday before and after school in room 225.  The sign-up is posted in room 225. 
    4.) Pay dues:  New members: $35 / Returning members $25, pay BY Thursday, August 15.  Applicants, submit with your application.  Checks made to Woodland High School should contain the physical address of the check writer, phone number and STUDENT NAME.  Included in the dues will be a tee-shirt that the members will choose AND an honor cord for graduating members IN GOOD STANDING.





Last Modified on July 30, 2019