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                Office Hours: M-TH on Google Meet from 3:00-3:55 for any questions and instructional support. 
     Reading Intervention Programs Implemented at ELMS          
    We strive daily to ensure that our students are college and career ready. For our students that may need extra support, we offer two personalized reading programs to support literacy, learning and growth.  
    1) Read 180  is the leading blended learning intervention program building reading comprehension, academic vocabulary, and writing skills for struggling students in Grades 4 and up.  Research for READ 180 began in 1985, when Dr. Ted Hasselbring of Vanderbilt University developed breakthrough software that used each student's performance data to customize a path of reading instruction.
    2) System 44 is a foundational reading program designed for the most challenged struggling readers in Grades 3-12. Intentionally metacognitive, System 44 helps students understand that the English language is a finite system of 44 sounds and 26 letters that can be mastered.
     Remote Learning Information
    Greetings Parents and Literacy Leading Students:                                  
     It is extremely important that all students continue their Read 180 and System 44  learning pathways daily  in order to ensure  continued Lexile growth and literacy readiness. While we are away from the school, you may contact me with any questions or instructional support at tboyd@henry.k12.ga.us.  Students can also post questions in Google Classroom. 
    Google Classroom Codes: Google Class Codes
    Daily Literacy Goals
    Student Application: Perform 10 minutes of daily practice in the following: Explore Zone, Reading Zone, Language Zone, Success Zone, Spelling Assessment and Word Assessment.
    Independent Reading: Spend 10 minutes of Independent Reading daily. 
    Below are book options  for your Lexile Range. You can read with someone else who is in Read 180 and participate in Academic Conversations about your book too.  Be an active reader and  complete the Graphic Organizer or Quick Write before taking your test.  Please use text evidence to support your analysis of your book.                                           Good Luck on your quiz!!!!!!
    Novel Selections
    200-350: All in a Day's Work and other Stories or The Escape
    350-500: Alison's Trumpet and Other Stories or Danger is My Business: The worlds' most dangerous jobs.
    501-650: False, Popular Myth's Debunked or Great Debate: Sports Issue
    650-800: The Lightning Thief or Money Hungry
    801-900: Gettysburg or When Birds Get Flu and Cows Go Mad
    950+:Night Sky or any of the E Read Articles.
                      Remember my motto: I WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL!!!!
                                                       Reading is a Family Affair
                 Reading is certainly a family affair and a great tool to help improve  student reading. 
    Feed your soul daily with words of wisdom. Feed your soul daily with words of laughter. Feed your soul daily with words of knowledge. A book will take you on a journey that only your mind can see through the imagery on a page!
    Read to Relax!            Read to Learn           Read to Explore the World!                 Read to Succeed!
    While we are off, I encourage you to spend time reading with your child. Each student has been assisgned books to read within their Lexile range. Use the graphic organizer or Quick Write for each book to foster critical thinking skills and collaboration with your child. 
    Reading Resources