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    2014-2015 Schedule Change Policy

    Student Name: _________________________________ Grade: ________


    Requests to change a student's schedule will only be considered when there is a substantial educational, medical or administrative reason warranting the change.  Schedule changes will be made as deemed necessary and only when it is in the best interest of the student (e.g., missing a core academic class from your schedule; you have an incomplete schedule). All schedule changes will be reviewed on an individual basis. If there is a unique situation that you feel necessitates a schedule change, the parent must complete this form and submit it for administration review.


     Some of the reasons that schedules will not be changed:

    • "I do not like the teacher" -- (We will work to solve the problem with the teacher)
    • "All my friends are in the other class"
    • " I want a different hour

    Schedule Change Procedure:

    • Check the guidelines and see if your case meets the criteria
    • Return the completed form to a counselor with a parent/legal guardian signature
    • Follow your original schedule until you’re notified of any changes
    • Changes will be made only with administrative approval and are based on class availability.


    Schedule changes will be considered during the first 5 school days of each grading term.


    Please complete the blanks below and return this form to the Counseling office.


    Teacher’s Name:










    Parent Signature:



    Please do not write below this line (for administrative use only):

                                          Approved                    Disapproved


    Administrator Signature:________________________________    Date: ___________

Last Modified on September 22, 2014