• Mentor a Child Today:

    "The greatest accomplishment in life is not what you've acquired, but the children you've inspired - inspire a mind today, become a mentor. "

    — Dr. Earlene H. Crump
    Please consider mentoring a child today! Eagle's Landing Middle School has implemented a mentoring program designed with our children in mind. Attached please find electronic mentoring forms for perspective mentors. We’re looking for individuals to assist our student population, as such, we greatly welcome willing candidates.
    How much time would you have to spend with your mentee? A minimum of four hours per month
    Which forms will I have to complete?
    We sincerely appreciate your efforts in assisting us with this endeavor. Please feel free to complete your forms electronically and send them to: vturner@henry.k12.ga.us. Also, please feel free to share this invitation with perspective candidates. We are still in need of additional mentors.


    Earlene Crump, Ed.D.
Last Modified on August 21, 2014